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Table Tennis VR

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Topic: Table Tennis VR
Posted By: stiltt
Subject: Table Tennis VR
Date Posted: 01/30/2024 at 10:38am
Eons have passed since pong. The only table tennis game on a computer I ever played after that was Table tennis Pro that I had I found somewhere on the internet like 15 years ago. It was fun kinda.

I am wondering what is the state of the table tennis video games today when it's about table tennis and VR sets, helmets and all. Any" rel="nofollow - Eleven closet addict out there Big smile? I read there are a million players worldwide, no doubt some of us play, come on let us know about your experience!

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Posted By: allencorn
Date Posted: 01/31/2024 at 1:19am
I played Eleven a couple of years a go for quite a while, and it was fabulous - very life like. With the new headsets and better software, I am sure it is quite realistic.

Posted By: TampaBayTableTennis
Date Posted: 01/31/2024 at 3:17pm
it's an incredible game, just getting going with it but very impressed overall. some things to get used to but good simulation and useful supplement to training based on what ive experienced so far

Posted By: davidz
Date Posted: 02/05/2024 at 2:37pm
I played some Eleven Table Tennis two years ago, and it's an excellent VR game. However, one area where it falls short is in replicating the feel of real table tennis blades. Simulating different blade types, rubbers, wrist movement accurately can be quite challenging. 

PG7 (Skyline 2, LKT XP)
YEO (Skyline 2, Skyline 3)

Posted By: stiltt
Date Posted: 02/05/2024 at 10:20pm
They can't emulate pushblocker's microwaved LP yet Big smile

Sometimes I think some tourneys in the "real" game with the same bat and rubbers for all sponsored by a company is a idea to explore. e.g we enter the event and keep the blade and rubbers afterwards and typical for the spin game could be Korbel + Rozena 1.9 x2 . I guess that's where the Eleven game is at the moment? 

Emulating LP, MP, SP and Anti soundsl like a pipe dream tho, because then there's OX, sponge thickness and hardness for those 4...Confused, total nightmare for the developers to satisfy a niche market squared.

I realize I wrote " "real" game", I always hated that distinction real v. virtual and it reminds me the joke about the boy asking "Dad, what is the difference betweel real and virtual?". The dad thought a bit, then told his son "Go see your mom and sister and ask them if for 1 million $ they would have sex with a stranger". The boy goes and comes back saying "Dad, they both said yes". The dad then told the boy "See my son, virtually we are millionaires but really, we have 2 whores in the house."

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