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W968 + H3 + D05

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Topic: W968 + H3 + D05
Posted By: liulin04
Subject: W968 + H3 + D05
Date Posted: 03/14/2024 at 7:31am
I've finally bought into the hype of the DHS W968 and splurged a fortune on the National (non-commercial) version (Version #2).  I currently paired the blade with a Hurricane 3 (42 degrees, made specifically for Ma Long), and a Butterfly Dignics 05 on the backhand.  The blade overall feels great, while initially I can't quite tell the difference of this and the Viscaria and LGY ALC that I've been using, another club member of mine who is around 22-2300 said he did feel the blade giving more umph and quality to the shots generated.  And because of the inner-layer like built construction, the shots don't easily go out of bounce, and can generate more spin when contacting the ball.  After a few additional hours of play, I am starting to agree with my club mate's claim.  Forehand overall, is easy to execute.  When paired with a boosted H3, the paddle generates a wide degrees of spin, while also keeping the shots in bounce.  While the backhand with D05 is comparable to the same backhand rubber on Viscaria and LGY, some shots do still wander out of bounce when opponents come in with aggressive punch blocks or topspin.

This begs the question if I should switch the D05 to another slower, but spinnier and tackier rubber.  The Hurricane 8-80 sounds like a good fit from the reviews I've read, as its characteristics compliment my RPB plays very much.  But I wonder how well this rubber plays with a W968/inner-layer type of blade construction.  

Does anyone have any experience playing with such similar setup, Hurricane 8-80 with an Innerforce-like blade.  Thanks!

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Posted By: Leftstudio
Date Posted: 03/14/2024 at 10:16am
09C is your answer. I’ve used both D05 and 09C on BH - the 09C requires more power while D05 needs a good wrist feeling. 
H8-80 is tacky but not as lively as Butterfly rubbers. 

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Posted By: kindof99
Date Posted: 03/14/2024 at 10:55am
Easier to play, with T05fx...

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Posted By: stiltt
Date Posted: 03/14/2024 at 5:50pm
I'd love to try that blade but I am afraid I'd feel like Glen Hansard in that song from the movie "Once"." rel="nofollow -

Truth is it takes a higher level to take advantage of the difference with the regular HL5

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Posted By: dingyibvs
Date Posted: 03/14/2024 at 10:45pm
I second 09C. I liked H8-80 too, but some sheets are 48 grams, some are 58 grams. It's a crapshoot you don't have to deal with. The 09c is faster and accentuates the characteristics of the W968 IMO by having a lot of gears and maintains very good spin and dwell with harder shots.

If you couldn't tell the difference between Viscaria and W968 though you might need to work on your technique a lot to make good use of the W968 and D09c combo, or just the W968 with any rubber, for the BH shot. It takes a LOT of power to activate the W968, which so you need pretty good technique to do so for the BH side.

For me, I can't play with the Viscaria at all. I have a Viscaria with also D09c glued on both sides, and the shots are much, much straighter using the same technique. You need to brush quite a bit more while the W968 creates a far higher arc, allowing you to use a much more forward going stroke. It's also night and day in the short game, with the Viscaria being far bouncier.

Blade: Hurricane Long 5 (968) FL
FH: D09C max
BH: D09C max

Posted By: arcady
Date Posted: 03/27/2024 at 4:30am
I use tibhar k3 on the backhand and I think that it is a very good match with w968 blade on bh if you dont mind the weight. I tried d09c and h3 37 boosted on bh but k3 has a longer flat hit throw and it is easier to play, you dont need to always use your wrist, it is more stable between flat hits and topspins. I feel that w968 has a very high arc and k3 is more flat and low throw and matches w968. With d09c on bh which is also high throw I struggle to keep the ball not to go out and it is more demanding to play because it is very sensible to spin with a big diffrence in the throwlenght between flat hits and topspins, blocks are short and topspins are to long.

On the forehand instead I dont like k3 with w968, it is too soft feeling and not enough top end spin, maybe because w968 is flexible at high speeds and needs hard rubbers if you swing hard. With hard blades k3 is better on fh. I think d09c or h3 41 degree is a good match with w968 on fh if you have high arm speed not to overshoot your counter topspins.

Posted By: liulin04
Date Posted: 03/28/2024 at 3:50pm
I tried out the D09C yesterday, while the topsheet is hard for spin, but for some reason, the shots just aren't going in.  Juxtaposed to my D05, now that I've finally broken it in, both rubbers and the blade, I feel that the D05 is much more suitable for my RPB game, where spin is heavily prioritized.

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