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Advice for a Penholder

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Topic: Advice for a Penholder
Posted By: laurincase
Subject: Advice for a Penholder
Date Posted: 09/24/2017 at 10:36pm
A video of me playing. Just hitting, no games. I'm the penhold player in black and red. Terrible angle thou...

The guy I'm playing with was kind enough to pull out all his Nittaku 3-star premium 40+ from his car. Apparently he has thousands of them for some kind of project.

We were on the forth or fifth tub and my shoulder, back, legs, basically my whole body was starting to hurt.

First time seeing myself hit, I think I could benefit from bending over more and as always, along with almost all other people, footwork.

Also is it just me or does my fh stroke look weird? Is it too stiff perhaps? Or is it the follow through? I can't really tell. I like how my RPB looks thou, even though it is pretty inaccurate XD.

Any advice would be appreciated, also maybe some drill ideas. Especially if I am practicing with lower level/about my level players. Never had any official coaching as well.

Posted By: mickd
Date Posted: 09/26/2017 at 2:58am

First, I really like your backhand. I think your backhand is a lot nicer than your forehand at the moment. For me, the reason is because with your backhand, you're closing the racket angle and brushing over the ball a lot more. With your forehand, you have an open racket angle, and instead of imparting more spin to get the ball on the table, it kind of looks like you're flat hitting it.

Maybe think a little about the racket angle on the backswing, and at the end of the stroke. Right now at the end of the stroke, your racket is quite open.

I'm also impressed at how many times you can bounce around during a rally! That's actually quite tiring and hard to do! Try to be more relaxed, though. I also suffer from this, but over moving is also bad, especially if you're stiff. It seems like you bounce around a lot between shots, but you don't really end up bouncing to the right place to take the shot. It seems more forced than natural. Try to relax and move with the ball. So as your partner hits the ball, as the ball is moving towards you, you should be moving towards the best place to take the shot, with the goal of getting there by the time the ball bounces on your side.

There are a few more things, but what I found with all my threads was, sometimes getting too much information gives the opposite effect because it overloads you, haha.

Hopefully some of the better players can give you some advice, too.

Good luck!

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