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What do you do for a living?

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Topic: What do you do for a living?
Posted By: JaredHudson
Subject: What do you do for a living?
Date Posted: 06/04/2018 at 9:20am
I am Software engineer

Posted By: Benjiex
Date Posted: 09/05/2018 at 8:33pm
I'm a Web Designer in an E-commerce website that offers" rel="nofollow - cat supplies such as beds, toyss, litter pan, cages and many more.

Posted By: Fulanodetal
Date Posted: 08/22/2019 at 2:38pm
CG Animator, Animation Instructor. Ass Kicking on a part time basis.


Posted By: InvalidUserID
Date Posted: 08/28/2019 at 4:54am
I am a professional politician.  Before that I won a lifetime achievement award as the most prolific spammer of many forums on the WWW. Most likely no poster (at least in TT forums) has more spam posts than me in various TT forums.  My MO is simple. I would respond over & over to my adversaries with each post twice as long as the previous one  but always opening each my posts with “I was playing with my pet Komodo dragon till 4 in the morning. I am in the WWW Spammer Hall of Fame. I have to sleep & I have no time for this as I have a meeting in the morning at 7 AM with Carl Danner & Tim Boggan about the Aspect Ratio epidemic that is effecting millions of children in Australia, Sweden & Brazil. I can beat you using a scifi book for a racket. You are a kook.  I am absolutely going to ignore you from now on for sure. This is my last reply to you". Thus I bury them in mountains & mountains of garbage replies until they eventually get tired & give up.

 I now discovered that I can have my own blog & talk to myself and that way I won’t have to have rational discussions on any forum. 

    Anyhayhoo , getting back to my profession, I am a professional politician. Starting in 1995 I strongly demanded (& won) the repeal of the speed glue ban since majority of TT players are speed glue users. Don’t ask me what about the health of children that I claim to care about deeply. 

      Talking about children, let us talk about the SuperSecret Durban Aspect Ratio Regulation of 1998. At first I kept insisting that yes it is a regulation & supported it using the excuse that it greatly benefits grass roots development. Again don’t ask me how can a junior,  can even remotely comprehend the change in Aspect Ratio of Long Pips, if these juniors cannot initially handle even playing against short-pips (or anti). My answer is again is (that supporting the SuperSecret Durban Aspect Ratio change) that I am a wily politician.

    But my masterstroke of political policy came in 2017 when I started demanding that the 2008 Ban on Frictionless Pips be repealed (because it would benefit older players).

But again don’t ask me about how the children would be not be affected 1000-fold if  supposedly so many of them were saved by the small change in one parameter (Aspect Ratio) in 1998 but won’t be far more traumatized by frictionless pips (which will randomize so many parameters and or impact children  far more negatively). Don’t ask me if grassroots development was more important than older players because you are supposed to have forgotten about all that from 1998 SuperSecret Durban Aspect Ratio Change . We politicians depend on common people forgetting the past quickly.

     I am a very good politician because despite all this illogical and convoluted & self-contradicting ways of my thinking , I have managed to win players to my side mostly because of my strong support for speed glues+boosting. So I will be elected yet again if I ran only to resign or be fired more times than Billy Martin.  Why I once even asked a Sikh boy to lose his fashion hairdo ( when questioned one of my worshippers asked him to stop playing with his "cobra" )

   I have very powerful friends in low places in the TableTennis circles whom I have brainwashed so thoroughly that they worship me and will literally kill for me on command.     

One thing I have learned in politics is the Republican philosophy "Never ever apologize". But I was the consultant for Democrat  Bill Clinton when he gave a 3 hour amazing interview never ever admitting that oral communication is indeed a form of communication.  I will never ever apologize for above 3 contradictions ( Glue Ban repeal of 1995, support for SuperSecret 1998 Durban AspectRatio Change, demand for repeal of 2008 Ban on Frictionless Pips) . However I did post recently in my blog that I do admit the Aspect Ratio Regulation is not a "Regulation" and should have been submitted as a "rule" (though it failed as such in 1995 Tianjin BGM)




Posted By: InvalidUserID
Date Posted: 08/28/2019 at 5:27am
Originally posted by JaredHudson JaredHudson wrote:

I am Software engineer

Umm that is quite interesting.
If I am not mistaken, for some reason this thread had been prevented from appearing at the proper order (on top at least for a few hours) in the latest posts section. That is some Software Engineering

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