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TT Penhold Beginner. Need Tips!!!

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Topic: TT Penhold Beginner. Need Tips!!!
Posted By: VTTCphilipp
Subject: TT Penhold Beginner. Need Tips!!!
Date Posted: 04/02/2020 at 11:37am" rel="nofollow -

Here is a video of me playing penhold in a match. Pls tell me what is good and what I could do better

I am very eager to learn to play penhold as I am the only one in my region that does not want to play shakehand anymore

Posted By: jpenman
Date Posted: 04/02/2020 at 11:41am

Posted By: TT newbie
Date Posted: 04/02/2020 at 12:08pm
Originally posted by jpenman jpenman wrote:

Footwork needs to be better.
You can improve it by doing footwork exercises. Just look it up on YT. 
Or jumping rope. It´s excellent to get rhythm.

Posted By: mischasln
Date Posted: 04/02/2020 at 1:19pm
You guys are coming up with footwork...LOL he needs to learn everything from scratch. 

#1 Learn how to do a proper serve. You won't impress teenage girls or others by looking into the camera after every two points but by knowing the rules of this game.

#2 Don't start with this monkey-style ready position. No matter if you play penhold, shakehand, pistol or naked with your chin - your blade is always above table height.

#3 Watch my playlists day and night, do shadow movements at home and ask your coach for multi-ball sessions. Although my playlists are primarily for J-Pen users, you'll also benefit from it. It's organized by various techniques, starting with the correct grip. There's a video of Kaii Yoshida you want to watch. Although you play somewhat of traditional because you've never learned a modern backhand (there's a reason you have a backhand rubber attached), you want to look-up videos for "penhold backhand" afterwards.

#4 This list can go forever but you need to learn the fundamentals first.

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Posted By: heavyspin
Date Posted: 04/02/2020 at 1:57pm
You make too many strokes with almost no connection with your hips and shoulders. Note how much better your body is connected to your stroke on the successful fh attacks than with the other strokes.   

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Posted By: wappak
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 12:41am
i suggest you use short pips on your forehand and watch lots of he zhiwen videos on youtube

Posted By: jpenman
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 1:22am

Posted By: benfb
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 1:56am
I thought you looked OK for a beginner.  Heavyspin's post is good advice.  I didn't like mischasin's advice so much, but that may be because I found his tone unnecessarily rude.

I thought your serves were about right for your level, and certainly not where you need to start on getting better. The thing where you hang your hand to the floor while receiving looks a little weird and it's not very efficient, but I've seen some very strong juniors do the same thing (eventually their coaches train them out of it).

There's just a general lot of training that needs to be done.  Footwork or synchronizing your body with your stroke both sound good to me.

Posted By: Simon_plays
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 3:48am
I've even had a coach recommend hanging both hands down when receiving to loosen up before putting them into the right place again. 

And I agree on the rude tone, really not necessary to just focus on negatives and tell someone they need to watch hours of professional players. 

Posted By: ChichoFicho
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 5:31am
I think you are already better than 90% of the people on the forum.

 If you want to get even better, avoid using the reverse penhold backhand. If you try to master it now, you will become lazy and your footwork is going to suffer. 

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Posted By: DonnOlsen
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 7:34am

You have done very well developing some of the features of your game, including the ability to accelerate impressively with your forehand.

Your overall playing orientation is classically penholder traditional, with a strong inclination to forehand offensive/backhand control and defense.  While your sense of this structure is well developed as you are disciplined in performing in compliance with it, the modern game necessitates a much more balanced capability between forehand and backhand.  The basic capabilities of offense, defense, and control need to be comparable between the two sides.  Your formidable forehand side is clearly more mature by a wide margin than your backhand.

A good recommendation is to strive to reach a comparable technique maturity between your forehand and your backhand in the fundamental responsibilities of stroke play.

Sports performance research has determined that there is a positive correlation between the athleticism of the athlete and the ability to develop technical sports skills, in particular fine motor skills.  The video clip shows clearly you have high quality athletic ability, thus the prospects of your development in table table are very good indeed.  Coupled with your commitment, a bright future awaits you!


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Posted By: blahness
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 8:29am
Originally posted by heavyspin heavyspin wrote:

You make too many strokes with almost no connection with your hips and shoulders. Note how much better your body is connected to your stroke on the successful fh attacks than with the other strokes.   

+1, the elbow is way too far away from his body especially when pushing. He only won the game because the girl for some reason didn't attack his obvious sidetopspin serve. If he played in my club every single one of those serves will have been destroyed mercilessly. 

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Posted By: BeaverMD
Date Posted: 04/03/2020 at 9:58am
Originally posted by VTTCphilipp VTTCphilipp wrote:" rel="nofollow -

Here is a video of me playing penhold in a match. Pls tell me what is good and what I could do better

I am very eager to learn to play penhold as I am the only one in my region that does not want to play shakehand anymore

Hey, I like your style! The shifty eye look is way too cool as if saying "you're still recording my awesomeness, right?" You wrote "anymore" so you have been playing shakehand and now want to switch. First thing you have to ask yourself is why? Think if you will lose all that you have invested in SH style and see if it is worth it to switch to penhold. Or maybe you like to use penhold when playing against someone lower level like the girl (if so you're a jerk hahaha!). If just for fun, hey, why not.

First, a couple of basic things:
1. If you are going to be a real penholder, it looks like you are still using a shakehand blade. Better get a real penhold blade. CP seems to fit you better than Japanese or Korean one-ply.
2. Do not toss the ball from your fingertips. Toss from a flat palm.

1. Serves are good. You have a long cross court and long down the line. Make these faster, especially the Waldner/LGL down the line. But you really need some short underspin serves to compliment and make the long ones effective. Search ghost serves.
2. Because you are really a shakehander, your penhold backhand is non-existent. As shown in 6-1 and 10-5, when the girl attacked your backhand, the point was over. I suggest sticking to a Ma Lin style which is traditional penhold backhand close to the table and maybe in the future learning RPB when you are forced farther away.

But, I think once you face players that can return the sidetop serves and they drill it to your backhand, you're right back to the shakehand grip. So maybe you should keep using that racket :)

Posted By: b3nhold
Date Posted: 04/06/2020 at 9:30pm
Yeah looks decent, the following is my opinion. 
Keep a pronounced bend in your legs at all times to help movement and keep your head at ball height for control. Your ready position is too far to the forehand for a forehand dominant player imo. Attack all long or half long serves, it's important you get in first, your push looks decent but mix up short and long, only push short serves.
You look pretty comfortable with your equipment so get a penhold version if they make it or a blade with similar composition (use blade database). I'd echo what chicho said about not focusing on backhand too much and instead focusing on staple forehand footwork drills as otherwise your footwork could suffer but if I was you I'd still learn the RPB. My advice is to do drills with no more than one backhand in a row and focus on pivoting drills. You want to learn a very consistent backhand which keeps you in the rally but the forehand is what you will win points on Big smile

Best of luck! 

JPen player.

Posted By: John_S
Date Posted: 12/13/2023 at 3:18pm
I know it's an old post, but my eyes hurt watching this...

First things first, the grip, you hold the racket wrong. the blade should be more in line with your forearm, watch Xu Xin, Wang Hao and Ma Lin, and replicate one of their's.

There's a video of Wang Hao teaching a wide range of penhold skills, like basics, racket placement, fingers, etc. It's one of the best out there, from a true master of the trade. 

here's the link:" rel="nofollow -

After that, there's the serve which is fine, but the recieve isn't, use compact moves for the recieve and even for the fh spin, don't over extend the arm, keep the stroke short and sweet.

The rest will come naturally by watching the pros, like tpb and rpb. Also something I just noticed, try to finish the fh spin near your forehead and not the chin.

Posted By: yogi_bear
Date Posted: 12/13/2023 at 6:58pm
1. leaning forward too much but knees are not bent properly.
2. needs to work out on coordination of swings and waist pivot when doing forehand attacks.
3. needs proper side to side footwork basic practice.
4. learn to brush the ball properly.

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