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Some style questions and general questions about c

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Topic: Some style questions and general questions about c
Posted By: YasirA
Subject: Some style questions and general questions about c
Date Posted: 08/15/2021 at 2:54pm
Hi, I started playing table tennis around 2 months ago and started going to practice with other after knowing there is a club where I lived. Anyways, I was trying to find someone to kind of coach me and I found someone but what he is saying Is contradicting what I have read over my research and I want to know what you think I should follow. So he is saying that I have a good backhand (I learned it from emratthich) but my forehand shouldn't bee too big of a swing as I am still a beginner and it would be better for me to use a smaller swing (like 12"-18" swing) and hit the ball in a flat way and focus on speed rather than spin. This seems to be the main thing that I am unsure about so what do you think. Should I learn to hit the ball flat and try returning it or focusing on the forehand drive and the loop in a way that adds a lot more spin? 
I am more on the offensive side by the way and I use an old Racket that has hurricane 3 on the forehand and flextra butterfly on the backhand.

Thanks in a advance

Posted By: Simon_plays
Date Posted: 08/15/2021 at 3:01pm
Trust the person who is taking the time to coach you. As they say, the bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; the person willing to show you how to play is worth ten anonymous YouTube coaches talking to you about the secrets of Chinese technique.

And I think it is correct that you ought to learn to flat hit the ball before you focus on spinning the ball. Learn how to keep your shape during counter hitting rallies and then you will move on to looping a bit later.

Posted By: mjamja
Date Posted: 08/16/2021 at 1:28pm
One of the problems in learning (and teaching) table tennis is that there are a rather complex combination of movements done in specific order.  Many coaches prefer to isolate some of those movements so students can focus on them better.

Another problem in table tennis is that there are multiple techniques which can be effective at lower levels but break down as the ball speed and spin increase.  You can play and be hitting the ball well against lower level players, but actually be developing habits which will limit your ability to get to higher levels.  Playing with less complex movements means you have to execute those properly even at lower levels to just get the ball back.

On the Fh side, flat hitting is a way to focus on using hip turn to supply forward power.  When trying to spin the ball, students often get arm focused and end up with no leg or hip action.  So if your coach is emphasizing hip turn as the way to flat hit I would think you were dealing with a very capable coach.

On the Bh side, flat hitting is a way to focus on generating power with just the lower arm.  Trying to spin can cause a student to use the wrong wrist motions to generate their power resulting in an inconsistent  slapping motion which can work well against slow balls but breaks down against faster balls.

A third point concerns the difference between teaching a student who is doing serious daily training versus the student who takes1hr lesson once a week and just plays the rest of the time for their 2 days a week devoted to TT.  Certain techniques that are vital to reaching a very high level are just too difficult to learn without serious training time.  If you have limited training time, you can often play better by getting really good with simple techniques rather than using "professional" technique that you execute inconsistently.

A good read on some of these ideas is the book "Breaking 2000" that describes a club player trying to make serious improvement in his game through the same kind of help and coaching you are describing.

Good luck and enjoy the game.

Mark - Who is not a TT coach but does play one on the internet.

Posted By: YasirA
Date Posted: 08/26/2021 at 1:13am
Thanks for the advice and I will try my best to implement it as best as I can. The person I was referring to wasn't by any means trying to be my full on coach but it was more like a here and there deal. As far as where I try to get my Info, I try to take the best of all worlds, like vids from people on YouTube who seem trustworthy and people at the club whom I trust. I have been focusing on the mastering the basics and then adding spin. I do seem to have a problem with either moving too much on my feet and also not keeping my head forwards along with not leaning enough and not being deep enough on a consistent basis.

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