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Hurrican 8-80 vs Dignics 09c vs Tibhar K3

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Topic: Hurrican 8-80 vs Dignics 09c vs Tibhar K3
Posted By: berkeleydoctor
Subject: Hurrican 8-80 vs Dignics 09c vs Tibhar K3
Date Posted: 02/25/2023 at 1:35pm
Anyone get a chance to use all 3? Wondering how they compare to each other and also about durability

Posted By: Chopper88
Date Posted: 02/26/2023 at 9:56am
I had used H8 and D09C but not K3. But I still went back to H3. D09C is nice when almost new , hard to play with out on the package , nice after a few days. But tack wears off quickly and it’s expensive. H8 is sticky like H3 but with a super soft sponge which I’m sure you already knew . Plays great but hard to put away a winner. Great control, good spin and for short game . It can be a good alternative to D09C but it a bit slower it’s worth a try

Posted By: blahness
Date Posted: 02/26/2023 at 5:20pm
I've used both 8-80 and 09c

Hurricane 8-80 is significantly better in the serve/receive game due to the sheer tackiness. 09c probably has the best spin when looping, and the counterlooping feel is amazing - it's extremely hard to block a fully loaded topspin with 09c, a lot of club ppl refer to it as the 09c dip to refer to the crazy trajectory that 09c loops have. However 09c is pretty short lived which is why I'm with Hurricane 8-80 now (mainly due to cost). 
I heard K3 also doesn't last long at all. 

I feel that 8-80 is probably not as good as the other 2 in the looping department in terms of penetration, but makes up with it in terms of stability (the ball not shooting out so fast helps to keep a lot of shots on the table even at full blast). And for me, consistency and spin is a lot more important than sheer power. Hurricane 8 used to have a brick hard sponge which led to shitty ball feeling, but the use of the 80 sponge (8-80) completely fixed it, now you can really feel the ball dwell on the racket a long af time (sometimes even too long lol). 

I'm using the 38 deg version of the 8-80 for my FH now and it works really well for my game (I focus a lot on serve/receive and also prioritise spin in my FH loops)

I would add that Hurricane 8-80 is probably more suited towards stiffer blades (Viscaria for eg) otherwise I think it'll become way too mushy.

FH: Hurricane 8-80
BH: D05

Back to normal shape bats :(

Posted By: Static
Date Posted: 02/27/2023 at 8:30am
09c indeed has that crazy dip, players often miss the ball with it shooting under their blade. H8-80 requires a bit more effort to get good spin but it isn't that far behind 09c I think. 09c gives you way more spin on weaker strokes though. Counterlooping is where D09c excels, a lot of safety and it's like the rubber doesn't care how you hit the ball. H8-80 feels more spin sensitive when counterlooping (funny as it's less sensitive on other strokes) but get the angle right and it's really strong in the counterloop. Serve receive easier on h8-80, blocking is fine with both for me, I can block heavy loops pretty easily with 09c but more safety with h8-80. Only thing I have noticed is that sometimes d09c slips when I try to use a more brushing stroke, you need to engage the sponge a bit more compared to h8-80. Opening against backspin I think I prefer H8-80, it has a higher arc and you can really use that topsheet to get the ball over the net, lots of safety. D09c is more dangerous though, gives a much faster and lower ball with that nasty dip. 

I have tried K3 too but that one plays more similar to a regular esn rubber but it was really easy to play with. Also great at counterlooping and a bit easier on serve receive but pretty similar to non-hybrid esn rubbers in the rest (it's not very tacky but the topsheet is extremely grippy, more so than 09c I feel). shit durability though. Topsheet looks like crap after 1 week and when I tried glueing it to another blade it shrunk a lot. 

If you want the best performing rubber go for the D09c, if you want the cheapest rubber that can hang with the best go for H8-80. Durability wise I haven't tested the D09c enough but the H8-80's have lasted me a long time. 

Innerforce ALC, FH: Tenergy 19, BH:EL-P

Posted By: guni4you
Date Posted: 03/01/2023 at 10:53pm
I have used both 09c and K3. I prefer K3. Very good control in short game and countering but away from the table power is like regular esn rubber. It behaves like a dignics 05 type rubber away from the table with lots of power and short game is as good as 09c and opening loop is very spinny too. Moreover it’s lighter and softer than 09c.

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