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Why can’t the WTT display player’s equipment ?

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Topic: Why can’t the WTT display player’s equipment ?
Posted By: zeio
Subject: Why can’t the WTT display player’s equipment ?
Date Posted: 03/07/2023 at 12:22pm
That's a great idea. ITTF already have a database for rubbers (well organized with ITTF numbers). It's a little problematic for blades since they don't approve them.

But, don't give WTT another idea to extort more money out of manufacturers or brands.

Viscaria FL - 91g
+ Neo H3 2.15 Blk - 44.5g(55.3g uncut bare)
+ Hexer HD 2.1 Red - 49.3g(68.5g 〃 〃)
= 184.8g

Posted By: zeio
Date Posted: 03/07/2023 at 1:34pm
The keyword here is commercialization.

The problem is also commercialization.

Many top pros actually use custom blades that have no names (prototype," rel="nofollow - blade of a current model but with handles of a different model, or even nameless handles etc.). Many rubbers they use are also custom-made that are not available in the market (tighter tolerances, with harder sponge, topsheet of a model with sponge of a different model, treated with secret booster, prototype etc.).

Some (many) manufacturers and brands may be reluctant about revealing that info. Same for some players who are sponsored by some manufacturer and brands but (secretly) don't use their equipment. Monetary and privacy issues. It gets dirty quick from there.

Viscaria FL - 91g
+ Neo H3 2.15 Blk - 44.5g(55.3g uncut bare)
+ Hexer HD 2.1 Red - 49.3g(68.5g 〃 〃)
= 184.8g

Posted By: TT newbie
Date Posted: 03/07/2023 at 4:53pm
This will never happens. ATP and WTA, which must have at least 1,000 times more money than ITTF, have never revealed players equipment.
Actually it´s hard to find detailed information about tennis players equipment. Rackets maybe not so much, but strings and string tension pros use are almost secrets to the public.
And like it happens in TT, tennis pros rackets are customized for each player, you can´t find a tennis racket to buy exactly like the ones pros use.

Posted By: Simon_plays
Date Posted: 03/07/2023 at 5:16pm
I have thought for a long time that this should be required information, given and verified for every match. Take one sponsor's money but prefer to play with Butterfly rubbers? Not any more. Like to have a signature blade with company X but also want to play with the same ALC blade as all your pro mates? No no, those days are over.

But seriously, in a sport as equipment focused as TT there ought to be complete transparency, at least at the top level. 

I actually think the reason this isn't done is perhaps simply because those in charge don't think this will interest anyone apart from a small select group of equipment goblins and there is little to be gained from satisfying goblin curiosities.

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