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Improving Third Ball Play After Service in Table T

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Topic: Improving Third Ball Play After Service in Table T
Posted By: palguay
Subject: Improving Third Ball Play After Service in Table T
Date Posted: 07/08/2023 at 3:42am
I am hoping to find some help and insights in training my for third ball attack in table tennis.

Without a dedicated coach to guide me, I rely on fellow players for practice. However, I'm facing a couple of major challenges.

Firstly, I am trying to focus on refining my basic footwork pattern and practicing the third ball attack to a specific, known location with a comfortable spin and speed. I believe that mastering the basics before moving on to more complex aspects such as varying spins and locations is crucial. Unfortunately, my practice partners often have different training methodologies. Many of them prefer to play as if it's a match situation, offering difficult returns or practicing their chiquita flicks, making it difficult for me to concentrate on the fundamentals.

Secondly, when practicing my serves and third ball attacks regularly with the same players, I've noticed they tend to become familiar with my serve patterns and strategies. This familiarity can potentially disadvantage me in a competitive scenario, as they might predict and counter my moves effectively.

I'm very interested in understanding your current techniques, strategies, and any specific exercises you currently use to enhance this aspect of your game.

How do you train for your third ball attack after service?
What are some challenges you face during this phase of the game?
Do you have any drills or exercises that you find particularly effective?
Do you practice the pattern of serving, executing a third ball attack, and then stopping? Or, do you typically continue with the rally until the ball is no longer in play?


Posted By: Simon_plays
Date Posted: 07/08/2023 at 4:00am
Lots of good questions and suggestions here, all of which to me show that you're thinking about this in the correct way. 

One thing I would recommend is to improve the quality of your practice against partners who prefer playing games, ask them to play games where just one of your serves, receiver pushes to an agreed place and server opens. 

Posted By: palguay
Date Posted: 07/08/2023 at 6:36am
I agree about the option of playing games with such a scenario but as I mentioned this is dependant on another player who is understands the benefit of such practice but in my case it is hard to find such players.

I do have a few thoughts on this and will update it in a bit :-)

Posted By: TwiddleDee
Date Posted: 07/08/2023 at 11:40am
You need to find a practice partner who is skilled enough to return one of your serves in every possible way so that you won't find yourself surprised and trapped by a serve return, thus causing you to lose the point. I have witnessed a lot of players who developed very good serves, but still lose that advantage because it was returned into their weakness. Once you get trained on returns with one serve, you move on to the next serve. Finding such a skilled practice partner is not easy.

Posted By: cole_ely
Date Posted: 07/09/2023 at 1:01pm
play games of 3rd ball drill. The server must win by the third ball. If the 4th hits the receiver wins

It's not the consistency drill you want but it's good to get in an aggressive mindset 

Wavestone St with Illumina 1.9r, defender1.7b

Please let me know if I can be of assistance.

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